What Is Medical Simulation?
Simulation is a concept which was first encountered in aviation. Since the early 1900’s it has been used in aviation training. It was eventually used in military training and the operation of nuclear reactors. Its use in medicine came much later. There are many similarities between aviation and medicine. So simulation is just as important in medicine. Simulation gives us the opportunity to gain experience using simulators instead of real life situations with real patients, thereby promoting patient safety.

  • Simulation provides an interactive training field to develop communication skills.
  • The “working as a team” approach to learning develops team spirit.
  • Simulation training is a feedback and debriefing-based teaching style. Participants observe themselves on the recordings of their performance and have the chance to come face to face with their own actions to determine and discuss their own rights and wrongs.
  • A major advantage of training with simulation is that the scenarios are reproducible, standardized and the results may be evaluated in an objective manner.