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About Us

Our Mission

  • To work for rendering simulation practices routine in medical education in Turkey like in other countries.
  • To provide a multidisciplinary platform for education.
  • To provide a platform to increase competencies.
  • To improve the outcome by providing a safe education for both the patient and the health-worker.
  • To contribute to the advancement of medical simulation as a science.

About Our Society

Medical Simulation Society was founded in 2012 with the visionary work of Prof. Dr. Ali Ihsan Dokucu and Dr. Mehmet Emin Aksoy, from Health Directorate of Istanbul, and the staff of SIMMERK, the first medical simulation center in Turkey. Our Society aims to be a multidisciplinary platform for the simulation enthusiasts and for those who are dedicated to the use of simulation in medical education and wish to give and obtain services related to this subject.